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Available from £1,500, Spark is only limited by your imagination! The versatility of this kit-built motorcycle can be used off-road, trails or even as a commuter hack due to its unique, flexible frame design.

Weighing in at a little over 50kg, Spark is light enough to be handled by even the lightest of rider. Built to a number of different specifications, all creations deliver surprising performance from a variety of single cylinder air-cooled motors, disk brakes, mono-shock rear suspension and upside down forks. Equating to an economical but, capable package.

Basic Spark-

  • Panel Kit

  • Rear Brake Kit

  • Powder Coating

  • Exhaust Modification

  • Flywheel Weight Kit

  • Number Board

​Inspired by Speedway of the 1920's, Spark has been injected with a youthful twist resulting in a style all of its own.

Spark is available to order NOW from £1,500.

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